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Out With Dad is a Canadian web series, written, produced and directed by Jason Leaver. The story is about a teenage girl, Rose (Kate Conway), who’s struggling with her sexuality, and her single father, who’s trying to help her, “sometimes a little too hard”.

The web series premièred on Youtube in 2010. Since then it has won several international awards such as Indie Soap Fest, LA Web Fest and Marseille Web Fest. The second season of Out With Dad was released on Daily Motion and Youtube in 2012, thanks to the efforts of the cast and crew.

Out With Dad season 3 will be released on December

For the third season the director has asked for help to his fans, starting an online fundraising. Now, thanks also to France Télévisions, the fundraising has reached 91% of the entire budget and Jason is already working on the post-production of the first six episodes. Which means, as Caitlynne Medrek (Claire on the show) says in the video below, Out With Dad season 3 is right around the corner!

The first episode will be released to the public on Mid-December, but the fans who have donated 50 $ or more are going to see every episode three weeks earlier, i.e. by the end of November (you can still donate on Out With Dad website, if you wish).

Fans are particularly curious and exited because of a change that occurred in the cast earlier this year: Will Conlon – who used to play Rose’s father – had to leave the series, with Jonathan Robbins taking his place in season three shootings. But don’t worry: after watching Out With Dad season 3 trailer I’m pretty sure Jonathan won’t make us miss Will.

You shouldn’t worry even if your English isn’t perfect. One of the best things about Out With Dad is its attention to non-English speaker fans: every episode is subtitled in English, Italian, Dutch, French and other languages.

There are no more excuses; get ready for season three and watch all the episodes!

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