Veep Quotes, le migliori citazioni di Veep #2


VEEP: le migliori citazioni della seconda stagione.


Andrew, 2×06

«You know, you look great in an art gallery. Because you kind of are a work of art.
I mean, I know I’d like to nail you up against a wall.»

«We need to prep two press releases for the end of the Mary King talks at the party tonight:
Version 1, Selina Meyer ends fiscal deadlock, saves America.
Version 2, Mary King steals peace pipe, breaks it in half, shits all over it.»

Helsinki, 2×05

«Europe used to be my favorite continent.
Now it’s not even in my top five.»

«That’s the other thing I forgot to tell you:
we’re gonna blow up Finland.»

The Vic Allen Dinner, 2×04

«[Pecorino] It’s like Parmesan, but it’s different.»

«I hope I don’t have a cat because – believe me – that poor fucker’d be dead.»

Kent: «I can’t airbrush History, Ma’am, I’m not Joseph Stalin.»
Selina: «You’re right, you don’t have a tenth of his charm!»

Hostages, 2×03

«He’s gonna procrasturbate forever.»

«Listen, I know the White House would work so much better
if there wasn’t a President, but there’s. So we work around that.»

«Get your own ear, Van Gogh!»

«He’s Iwo Jima, I’m planting a flag right on his head.»

«The man who can’t take a leak without polling his balls.»

Signals, 2×02

«You’re about as annoying as a condom filled with fire ants.»

«I’m going to that 4:30 meeting even if I have to get Sue
to fly around the world the wrong way like Superman and reverse time.»

«You know what? Why don’t you put on your running shoes
and get to the fucking point, Jonah?»

Midterms, 2×01

«You work for the Vicepresident, it sounds like it’s Google.»

«Florida… ought to break it off at Jacksonville and row it to Cuba.»

«I fluffed them, now go and fuck them!»

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