Michelle Williams protagonista di “Paradise”

Michelle WilliamsDopo il cinema, l’animo “indie” di Michelle Williams (My Week With Marilyn, Brokeback Mountain, Dawson’s Creek) trova respiro anche in campo musicale grazie ai Wild Nothing, band indie pop americana creata da Jack Tatum nel 2009.

Così la bellissima Michelle Williams è diventata la protagonista del brano Paradise. Leggenda vuole che sia stata proprio lei a scegliere il brano, fra i tre possibili estratti dal recente album Nocturne e proposti dal regista Matthew Amato.

Ripresa in un lungo viaggio in aereo tra Los Angeles, New York, St. Maarten e le cascate del Niagara, Michelle Williams legge alcuni passi di The Wild Child, della scrittrice inglese Iris Murdoch, mentre è alla ricerca del paradiso.

Everything was love. Everything will be love. Everything has been love. Everything would be love. Everything would have been love. That was it, the truth at last. Everything would have been love. The huge eye which had become an imense fear, was gently breathing; only it was not an eye nor a sphere, but a great wonderful animal covered in little waving legs like hairs, waving oh so gently as if they were underwater. All shall be well and all shall be well said the ocean. So the place of reconciliation existed after all, not like a little hole in a cuboard but flowing everywhere and being everything. I had only to will it and it would be, for spirit is omnipotent only I never knew it. Like being able to walk on the air, I could forgive. I could be forgiven. I could forgive, perhaps that was the whole of it after all. Perhaps being forgiving was just forgiving only no one had ever told me. There was nothing else need for, just to forgive. Forgiving equals being forgiven. The secret of the universe, do not whatever you do forget it. The past was folded up and in the twinkling of an eye everything had changed and been made beautiful and good…


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