Veep Quotes, le migliori citazioni della prima stagione


VEEP: le migliori citazioni.


Tears, 1×08

«I’m a political leper and an emotional time bomb.
So here’s an idea: let’s put me on stage!»

Full Disclosure, 1×07

«Hey, suck up isn’t gonna fix a fuck up, Dan!»

«It’s the Secret Service, for Christ’s sake! Secret as in “shut the fuck up”,
and Service as in “you work for me, ok? So why don’t you shut the fuck up?”»

«Hey, Ma’am, it’s Leave o’clock.»

Baseball, 1×06

«Yeah, I know… feel my soul slide out of my ass.»

«Holy shit! Are you pregnant? Amy, come on, career-wise,
that’s like joining Scientology or getting a fucking neck tattoo.»

Nicknames, 1×05

«That’s like trying to use a croissant as a fucking dildo;
it doesn’t do the job and it makes a fucking mess!»

Chung, 1×04

«’Cause, you know… democracy is fantastic, but it is also fucking dull.»

Catherine, 1×03

«’Cause I’ve met some people, okay? Real people.
And I got to tell you, a lot of them are fucking idiots.»

Frozen Yoghurt, 1×02

«This thing is completely useless by the way;
I can move more air by farting.»

Fundraiser, 1×01

«He’s mostly intravenous.
He’s so many tubes in him, he looks like a set of bagpipes.»

«Glasses are like wheelchairs for the eyes.»

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